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Weapons Permit

So Certain of Success they Ought to Require a ‘Weapons Permit!’

They say, “All is fair in love and war!”… This is equally true for you and your opponent! In the history of many battles, weapons were specifically chosen, selected and highly valued because the use of these tools meant tipping one’s scales in order to achieve victory. Whilst weapons were chosen and valued to empower and strengthen one side’s opportunity to win, for the other side, it could mean their defeat.

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Leaders who Influenced People to Change

Think about Key Leaders who Influenced People to Change

How did Nelson Mandela survive, after being arrested in 1962 after being convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to a life in prison? Not only did he survive, but after serving 27 long years unjustly locked away, Nelson Mandela was able to emerge stronger than ever, and moved forward in leading his party in the negotiations that led to the multi-racial democracy in 1994? How did Walt Disney, who struggled to get his first job, create a mega-

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Law School

What Law School Did Not Teach You!

When you went to Law School you were taught ‘The Law’. However, most Lawyers, Barristers, even Mediators, struggle when it comes to being good ‘Business owners’,entrepreneurs, and leaders of their team. At the same time, many employed lawyers are not as effective a team member as they could be, because they do not know what it is specifically, that would give them that ‘influential edge’.

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Highly skilled Influential lawyer

What Do Your Clients Think About You?

Your clients believe that a highly skilled professional person such as yourself, who holds an esteemed position as a representative of our legal system, is highly educated and possesses aptitude.

Your clients assume a person such as yourself, can move majorities with a whisper, and the snap of a finger. What this means, is they expect you to have ‘Influence’, and what

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