When you went to Law School you were taught ‘The Law’. However, most Lawyers, Barristers, even Mediators, struggle when it comes to being good ‘Business owners’,entrepreneurs, and leaders of their team. At the same time, many employed lawyers are not as effective a team member as they could be, because they do not know what it is specifically, that would give them that ‘influential edge’. If on the other hand, you had this ‘influential edge’, then you would experience a higher level of demand, because you would empower yourself with a skill set, the majority of your professional colleagues are lacking.

Many Lawyers agree that Law School failed to teach them how best to market their Legal Practices, how best to manage and lead their staff or teams, and specifically the skill of influence, which means having the ability to be a high level communicator and negotiator. Learning the skills of influence and persuasion, and having a high level of social and emotional intelligence, will lead you to becoming one of the highest fee earners in the Legal Profession. This will cause you to have a constant stream of clients, due to your constant stream of referrals.
If you’re not growing and contributing and adding value to others, then your level of success will without a doubt be ‘capped’. Consider for a moment, what your income is right now. Do you see yourself earning more? It has been said, ‘you are paid what you are worth’. This is a rather interesting statement.

There is a very good reason why certain lawyers earn the highest fees, and enjoy a constant stream of high quality clients. The most successful lawyers have the best ‘people skills’. They have the ability to create deeper rapport and connect well with others, read people and their situations, and negotiate in highly skillful way. They have the ability to gain for their clients, their best possible outcome.

Understanding the importance, and what it means to possess a high level of social and emotional intelligence as a lawyer, is clearly the difference between those lawyers who fall into the bottom 80% of fee earners in this profession, and those who enjoy being in the top 20% of fee earners. When you find out what the gap is, that exists in your education from Law School, and how this gap in your knowledge directly effects your ability to attract and retain more high quality clients, you will for the first time in your legal career, be truly able to improve your interpersonal skills, and learn to connect and create rapport with others in a way you’ve never even thought about before.

Learning the skills of influence and persuasion, are exciting and exhilarating, and the skills you will learn in this training program are the skills that make the difference. The difference between being mediocre and just getting by, or feeling truly successful, happy and fulfilled with who you are and what you are achieving, because success without fulfillment, is not success at all.