blog2Have you ever wondered how some companies or firms are able to build a client base of dedicated clients?

These clients, or should I call them ‘raving fans’, come back over and over again throughout the years, but even more importantly, they cannot help but rave about their beloved lawyer, and incredible law firm to everyone who will listen to their diehard loyalty. They refer their friends, their work colleagues, their family, heck they even refer their hairdresser, their electrician, the mailman and their plumber.

Have you ever wondered how these companies or firms make such an incredible impact upon their clients, that they end up having all these people marketing and advertising their business through their super powerful ‘word of mouth’ referrals?

The reason your happy clients can become your invaluable source of referrals, is because they pass on their trust to the person they refer. Then when this person meets you, they already have a whole heap of this ‘transferred trust’ in you.

Imagine how differently this type of client responds and thinks about you, compared with the other type of client who may have come to you from a google search. The difference between these two types of clients, is your referred client, already has this invaluable transfer of trust, which means they come to you already 85% convinced, that you’re the best person to solve their problem.

The best thing about this type of client is you can sit down with them, and treat them like an old familiar friend, because they won’t have their guard up, unlike those other clients who don’t know if you are the best person for the job and instead sit across your desk, assessing you, and forming their opinion of you.

If you really value gaining referrals from your happy clients, then you can change your business dramatically, when your referring client raves about you and your service. When this happens, you automatically earn a significant amount of trust, simply because they liked you so much because you provided them with excellent service, and made them feel that you genuinely cared about them as a person.

Think about how people build strong levels of trust. What’s the difference between a company like Apple, who has an extreme following of raving fans, and all the other computer companies out there?

What makes Zappos the go-to choice for many shoe shoppers on-line, instead of going to the shoe shop and looking at all the other available brands?

Have you ever wondered what the secret ingredient is, that separates these companies from their competition?

In just a few words:  It’s the quality of one’s relationships.

Companies like Apple, and Zappos, look at their profits in a different way to most other businesses out there. They know and understand that the key to business longevity and sustainability, is the strength of their client base, which happens when their loyal customers or clients stay with them for the long-term. It’s never just about that immediate or one-off transaction.

They know that getting their customers to come back is how they keep their profits strong and their business growing. One of the biggest problems law firms tend to make, is they forget about their clients coming back, often because they’re thinking, “I’m not a repeat type of business…….I solve my client’s problem, and then that’s it”.

But it isn’t just about the money, or selling to someone a one-off service. For example, companies like Apple, and Zappos are innovative and proactive in their approach. For them, it’s all about putting their customers’ needs first, and doing everything they can to provide real value with their products and services. Effectively, this is what builds their relationships, and creates for them a wonderful source of very willing referrers.

You Must Provide an Excellent Service

The Lawyers and the Law Firms clients love most, are those who have the ability to make their client’s experience memorable and pleasant from their very first point of contact. From the moment your client calls your firm or walk through the door, they are made to feel special and important straight away.

If you were to have a problem with your Apple product, there are numerous channels for you get support and rectify your problem. On top of that, they have incredible customer service, including excellent repair and returns policies.

When customers order a package from Zappos, it arrives so fast the customer cannot help but be incredibly impressed and delighted. Of course, Zappos does this on purpose. How quickly their customers receive their package, is something they specifically do to bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the instant gratification of shopping in store. On top of that, shipping is always free and they make it super easy for people to return their purchase, if they’re not 100% happy. Effectively they take away all the risk. These of course, are just their general policies! These companies are so customer focused, their number one objective, is to WOW their customer.

The Power of Listening

Part of providing an incredible legal service and a great experience for your client, comes from your client feeling they have been truly listened to.

Once again, as an example, if you visit an Apple store, the employees pay close attention, and listen carefully to exactly what you want to achieve, and they help you choose a product accordingly. They don’t just recommend the most expensive Apple Device, so they can make a bigger sale. Instead, they listen to what you tell them you want, and then they show you what you need to achieve that.

You must always ensure your client feels listened to. Hear what they want to achieve, and then you can tell them what you can do to help them achieve that outcome. Client loyalty is the difference between consistent profit, and struggling to get new people through your door.

When clients return to you for some other help, and tell their friends and family about the great experiences they have had with you and your firm, your firm will benefit in the most incredible way. Your monthly billings will automatically go up, because you have great referrals streaming through your door, and as a result, a reduced need to chase and look for new clients. Best of all – you get free word-of-mouth advertising!

It’s up to every member of your firm, from the Senior Partner or The Principal, to your Receptionist out the front, to build stronger relationships with your clients based on trust, excellent service and outstanding communication.

Your clients are the most valuable asset of your law firm. If you value your clients, then they will value you in return. If you want their loyalty, then you must show loyalty to them first.

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