According to Sun Tzu in The ‘Art of War’, one of the five essentials of obtaining victory is this:

“He will win whose army is animated with the same spirit throughout all its rank.”

How are you going to animate your whole team with the same spirit?

Three words:  training  training  training

Influential Lawyer – The Benefit of Regular Training from Marcelle Burrows on Vimeo.

Imagine, how your staff would feel, if you gave them the opportunity to learn some invaluable high level skills.  Imagine what this would do for your staff’s morale and attitude!

Providing regular trainings, rotating core material regularly, and holding a regular one hour monthly performance meeting, is a key step in your firm’s incremental improvement each and every month.  When the same concepts and skills are constantly reinforced, the skill level of every person is directly impacted permanently, because as each incremental improvement is stacked on top of each other improvement over the entire 12 month training period, there will be a significant and substantial improvement and change in your firm’s performance.

It has been said, that repetition, is the Mother of Skill.  This training program has been designed and developed with this deliberate intention.  Repetition is the key to reprogramming your law firm so the skill level of every person on your team is elevated to a much higher level.

This has been proven again and again with companies that provide consistent trainings to their staff, as opposed to those who provide ‘one-off’ or sporadic trainings.  Please see graphs A and B for a comparison.

Graph 1:  Shows the results of skills retained by staff when provided with sporadic one-off training sessions.


Graph 2:  Shows the results of skills retained by staff who are provided with ‘regular and consistent’ training sessions.


As shown in Graph 2:  The Influential Lawyer Training Program, can achieve long term improvements in your firm’s performance, due to the implementation of regular and consistent staff training.