Training with Real Help

One of the most important aspects of this training, is the support we offer to you and your team, to hold regular and consistent ‘Monthly Performance Meetings’.

These monthly meetings ensure your staff understand your firm’s objectives. At the same time, they most importantly have the opportunity to share their ideas, and as a result, feel valued for their personal contribution and involvement as part of your law firm.

This is why we encourage you to start implementing a one hour ‘Monthly or Bi-Monthly Performance Meeting’, because this is a key factor when it comes to how you will dramatically increase the productivity in your firm.

These one hour ‘Monthly Performance Meetings’ become brainstorming sessions, which provide you and your staff with the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with one another, and come up with innovative ways in which the strategies and techniques outlined in each training module, can be implemented into your firm, to create better client relationships and improve your firm’s performance.


Make your performance meetings fun, where people can make comments, jokes, suggestions, and share their ideas, without criticism. This should be a time everyone looks forward to, because it’s interesting and stimulating. It should be a respectful environment where everyone feels relaxed and encouraged to share their ideas, insights and humor.

When everyone is at the meeting table as a group, you will find the ideas that are generated as a group, or from one person to another, will be so much quicker, and more innovative than anything you could come up with on your own.

Move from Problem to Challenge

Innovation starts by thinking differently. It’s when you come up with creative ideas that build value. The secret is, you must start with good problems, and then turn those problems into challenges. If you do this, then great ideas will flow through that process of brainstorming.

We come up with ineffective solutions when we haven’t given any time to thinking through the problem.

It is for this reason, you want to take ‘time out’, even when you might be on your own if you are a Sole Practitioner. Take time to think things through. If you are part of a team it’s productive for your firm to get together once or twice a month and brainstorm together.

One insight will lead to the next, then the next and then the next, and collectively great ideas are created. This is invaluable time spent working on your business because innovation always begins with thinking differently.

When you get all of the people in your firm speaking the same language, and following the same standardized procedures you put in place through your monthly meetings, the internal communication within your firm improves dramatically, because everyone in your firm is sharing in the same knowledge, strategies and techniques provided through your regular training.

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