“Anyone who is serious about their business provides staff training”

The Influential Lawyer is a twelve month training program written and developed specifically for Micro, Small and Mid-Tier Law Firms.
You and every member of your team will learn how to attract and retain more clients, build stronger relationships with everyone you interact with, and become a highly effective ‘win-win’ negotiator, so your firm can move to the next level, and increase your monthly billings.

Everything taught in this program, has a clearly focused outcome to teach your firm how to attract and retain more high quality clients, and as a result, increase the quality of your referral source significantly. If you and your legal team know how to best and most effectively do this, then your monthly billings go up, which makes your firm more money, and this means your profit will significantly increase as a result.

Unlike other trainings, ‘The Influential Lawyer’ promises to deliver to you and your staff, the highest level of training content, in N.E.T. (No Extra Time). No extra time will be taken out of your firm’s working hours, because we know you rely on each and every staff member to do their work, see clients, and bill fees for your practice, rather than being absent for ‘one-off sporadic’ trainings, where it has been proven, that only a very small amount of permanent skill ever actually remains.

The Influential Lawyer program overcomes that problem, because we deliver to you and your legal team, one training module each month for twelve months. There are 14 CDs in total, which will give you a massive 18 hours of high level content. You and your team will learn the strategies and techniques the majority of lawyers and law firms do not know, simply because these crucial things have never been taught in Law School, or by anyone else for that matter, in one very easy to access manner.

What this Program Includes:

  • Twelve Months of Training
  • 14 CDs – including the Introductory CD, plus 13 training modules – two modules being delivered in Month 7
  • Each of these training modules will be delivered to each of the Lawyers in your firm.
  • Each month every lawyer in your firm will be sent between two to four emails regarding that particular training module. This will also serve as a reminder to ensure they listen to that month’s training, prior to your firm’s ‘Monthly Performance Meeting’ (which we of course also help you run).
  • These emails will also highlight key points and strategies we bring to your firm’s attention, to focus upon each week.
  • Towards the end of each month, an email will be sent to you as the Principal of your firm, to help you run your one hour ‘Monthly Performance Meeting’, because we don’t want you to have to spend any of your valuable time thinking or planning your meeting.
  • You and your team will naturally have access to ‘The Influential Lawyer’s Membership’ site, where all digital downloads of the recordings are also available, as well as the PDF transcripts for each training module, along with other interesting information which we will be constantly updating.

The Benefits to Your Firm

  • This program will teach you and your staff, the most practical and simple ways to substantially increase billings every single week, by learning how to attract and retain more high quality clients, by gaining more likeability, trust and credibility.
  • We will uncover the biggest mistakes many lawyers and firms are making today, which really turn clients off, and as a result have them hanging up the phone, leaving your office, and instead retaining one of your competitors to give their hard earned money to, when they could have stayed with you and your firm in the first place.
  • Think about all the thousands and thousands of dollars lost to your firm, simply when one single client is lost, because of someone’s lack of empathy, poor listening skills, poor communication and lack of rapport skills. Think how much losing just one single client is costing you, then multiply that by the reality of how many clients actually are lost. I will guarantee, you have no idea, how much money is lost and walks out your door or hangs up your phone, simply because no rapport or connection has been created with your potential client. This program will overcome all these problems, because we’ll teach you and your staff the strategies and techniques to become a highly skilled communicator and negotiator.