The Influential Lawyer Program

The System for Influence

Influential lawyer package“The Influential Lawyer Program will provide you with a System for Influential Communication and Persuasion techniques and strategies in a clear, concise, easy to obtain and easy to listen to manner which promises to take up no extra time from your already busy schedule, is guaranteed to work for every single person who makes a commitment in applying these strategies, and will be conveniently delivered to you in the form of monthly CDs offered at a very special monthly price for a 12 month period. You even have the satisfaction of knowing there is NO risk to you whatsoever, because I am personally offering you a 100% money back risk free guarantee.”

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The power of influence is the single most important skill you can have in your life because it gives you the ability to alter your life and the lives of those you care about in the most effective powerful way.

In our economy today, survival of the fittest will rely on your ability to develop rapport and influence with others that is stronger than any downturn in the economy. You must ensure you develop strong and deep relationships with your clients, partners and co-workers for your survival and ultimate success.

The advances in technology and our communication systems are changing the world at a very fast pace. Our economy has seen many Lawyers lose their positions in the firms they once considered incredibly secure and many previously successful Law Firms have been forced to close their doors.

People’s expectations are higher today than ever before. If you don’t stay ahead of your market and your competitors, then you could unknowingly be allowing yourself to be left behind, simply because they have mastered the skills of influence and know the power of being a persuasive communicator. Being good, isn’t good enough anymore! This means it is a MUST for you to take this opportunity to learn how to model behavioural excellence. Modelling excellence will make you an Influential Lawyer because you will know how to be a persuasive communicator through the ability to read human behaviour and decode people’s limits.

How much Influence Do You Really Have?

Do you have the skills to influence clients so they want to retain you for their matters every time?

Are you updating your skills sufficiently and regularly to ensure your boss will continue to WANT to hire your skills in his/her Law Practice now and into the future?

Do you have the skill set that will continue to make you stand out from all your other competitors that may be happy to take your position if you are complacent?

How much Influence do you really have with the people you know?

How much influence do you really have with your best clients?

How much certainty do you have that your business relationships are strong enough to withstand the constant changes in the marketplace?

How much influence do you even have over yourself, to make your life the way you want it to be?

Who Are Influential People?

  • Those who are always in demand
  • Those who command the highest fees
  • Those who are considered the most influential and credible by others
  • Those who are the most sought after individuals and are always highly referred by others
  • Those who are Master Communicators and can create Rapport instantly
  • Those who know how to get people to believe “he gets me, he’s like me”, even when they may not be like them at all
  • Those who have the best and most natural Leadership Skills
  • Those who are the most followed, noticed and acknowledged people on this Planet

Who Is This Program For?

  • Lawyers, Mediators, Barristers and any other Legal Professionals, who are serious about dealing with objections even more skillfully leading to the achievement of faster more favourable results.
  • For those of you who depend strongly on your capacity to influence others day in and day out and wish to be seen as highly credible, authentic and great to deal with.
  • Anyone who wants to make a lot more money because people recognise you as someone who adds incredible value, connects deeply to others quickly, and is “the expert” in your niche area of the law, creating an outstanding reputation and is always referred by others.
  • For those of you who wish to take back control of your life and improve your interpersonal relationships both personally and professionally.
  • For those of you who want to know how to manage stress effectively and easily so you can experience a high quality of life and enjoy better health and vitality.
  • Business Owners who want to have the best team of lawyers. This Programme will uncover the skills, techniques, tools and strategies that will change the calibre of lawyers you employ to represent you and your Law Practice.
    If you want to have the best Law Practice and Business, you need to have the best team. If you want the best team then every individual Lawyer needs to know how to be Influential so they can truly excel to their highest potential.

What Could It Be Costing You?

What could it be costing you in lost business and profits, if your employed solicitors do not have the level of Influence and Persuasion necessary to convert Prospects into Clients whenever they call on the phone to enquire, or come into the office for an appointment? How many people who contacted your firm in the first place are lost to the Practice simply because someone didn’t know how to develop rapport?

Clients will choose you because they trust you, like you, have confidence in you and think you can get the job done. Most importantly, they believe you have their best interests at heart. If every prospect does not become a paying client, then it is because they have not felt their needs have been met, and do not feel they have received value from you or your firm. It is when this happens that trust and rapport have not been created.

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Have you ever wondered how many tens of thousands of dollars this loss could be costing you, and your family? Imagine the loss of potential earnings and profit from just one potential matter, plus all of that client’s future matters,( as well as all of their potential referrals) simply because they never got to become a raving fan of you or your Law Firm as the relationship did not continue.

If your client did not feel they were connected with or cared about personally then trust was not built because rapport was not developed, which would make him or her feel you or your Practice did not have their best interests at heart.

How would you feel to know this gap in knowledge is currently costing your Practice a minimum of $100 000 per year (and upwards) in lost income and lifestyle. If you are an employed Solicitor, how much could this knowledge potentially be costing you in income lost because you are not winning people over all the time and therefore risk you opportunity for potential salary increases or even a partnership offer. Remember, you get paid what you are worth! If you want to be paid more, than make yourself worth more. It is that simple!

What Sets This Programme Apart?

You will discover that the key to changing yourself, others, and your entire Practice, is to become familiar with the influence process, and deploy it in an effective and ethical manner. The Influential Lawyer provides scientifically validated services that will help you achieve that objective. We will uncover the psychology of these skills, not just the science and the mechanics of how to do it. You’ll understand the psychology behind communication and behaviour and this deeper understanding is what will get you through the challenging times. This program is especially developed for Lawyers and will teach you life altering information which you have not been taught before nor has it ever been made available to you in such an easy to acquire manner.

It has been recognised by internationally known Leadership and Management Experts, that a new kind of business hero is emerging in today’s very competitive economy. Obtaining high quality business and making high level profits has become more difficult to obtain than most Legal Practices have previously experienced.

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This new kind of business hero is a person who must learn to operate without the might of hierarchy behind them. While utilizing all the legitimate tools and strategies, this new hero or heroine puts a premium on using “their own ability to make relationships, use influence, and work with others to achieve results”. In essence, they have acknowledged and recognised the need to build deeper connections and relationships quickly and consistently being in constant demand, regardless of the effects felt by those who remain at a mediocre level.

Today we are living in a constantly changing economy whereby only true leaders in the Law Profession will ultimately thrive rather than just survive.

The Influential Lawyer programme will teach you how to model excellence. Be the best you can be, become more committed to do more, and be more. You will become more connected to your clients at a deeper level, helping your client at the level of their deepest need. When you learn these new skills you will experience a new level of success and personal reward.

You will learn new techniques and explore distinctions about how you can influence yourself to create the change you want to see in yourself. You will learn how to create new possibilities to motivate people who may be in shutdown mode because you will have the ability to turn that around and have fun with that.

Uncovering & Decoding Human Behaviour

If you want to be able to influence all types of people, then you will need to have the ability to communicate in all four communication styles so you can enter their world. Because people have different modalities or preferred styles of communication you must make yourself aware of these differences. When you do this, it means your power to influence and ability to use persuasive communication will be greatly developed. You will understand the psychology about how people feel and how they behave as we uncover the behavioural strengths and non strengths of each of these four different behavioural energies. You will know how to motivate different behavioural types when you understand what their key drivers are, what holds them back, their greatest fears, as well as how you can move them towards the outcome you want, instead of moving them away. You will learn to speak the language of each of these behavioural styles and enter their world in a way that resonates with them.

If you learn this amazing and compelling information, you will also learn to understand yourself more than ever before and if you do that, then you will know how to motivate yourself because you will learn what situations and experiences give you energy and what may be depleting your energy on a daily basis, and why. This means you will have a much deeper understanding of your partner, your children and any other close relationships you may have and it will make all of your interpersonal relationships stronger because you will connect more easily to others.

We Are Always Influencing People. We Are Always Communicating We Cannot…….NOT Communicate

Think about those people who have had a massive impact on our society over the years, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, and anyone else you really respect for that matter. What gave these people their power was their ability to influence others.

Learn how to motivate and empower yourself by using specific language patterns that lead you to model excellence and achieve your desired outcomes and goals. You will also learn how to master the skill of commitment and following through to completion so you are always showing up. Commitment and showing up is a powerful attribute and one of the principle disciplines of success. If you learn how to influence yourself then you’ll discover how you can get yourself over your own barriers first so you can take action and then you can empower other people to do so also. Everything is about the language you use. It really is that powerful!

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Influence used in the context of integrity is about how you can use your resources to make a difference in a positive way. This is not about techniques or strategies of manipulation. People are pretty sophisticated these days and know when you are not being authentic, so when you use your skills of influence in an authentic way, you will stand out because you’ll know how to meet the needs of those you meet by understanding the needs of each individual. Our entire economy is based on sales and marketing. Law Practices are in the business of sales and marketing and it is about your power of persuasion and adding real value that will grow your income significantly.

You’ll learn what it really means to be a true Leader. A leader is a person who has the ability to influence others. True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. People follow because of who you are and what you represent, because of what you have done for the firm, and what you have done for them personally. It’s all about the value you bring to others. A person isn’t a Leader just because they have been given the title by someone else and people follow because they have to. You must become more than “the boss” people follow only because they are required to, and instead master the ability to invest in people and inspire them. To do this, you need to learn how to inspire and lead yourself first.

When you become a member of The Influential Lawyer community and enrol in our 12 month program you will be well on your way to living your life at a new level of excellence. When you have this program you will be able to listen to the strategies, techniques and tools over and over so it becomes completely embedded in your subconscious and will condition your ability to control your mindset through the skill of repetition. When you do this consistently over the course of this program, you will simply and easily integrate these techniques and tools as you move to the level of mastery.

If you learn these skills then you will experience the outcomes below because you have a desire to get control of your life and make yourself the best version of yourself as possible whilst adding value to others. This will mean you will become a true Leader and a highly authentic Lawyer of Influence. Imagine how you feel when you…..

  • Win at the office, your opponent, at court and in everyday life
  • Create rapport easily and develop deeper more meaningful connections
  • Learn to manage and change your state of mind instantly
  • Understand your client’s buying strategies and how to move them to commitment
  • Learn to communicate in all four behavioural styles to enable you to influence an individual because you know how to enter their world and effectively motivate them towards your desired outcomes.
  • Understand the power of language patterns and linguistics skills to empower yourself and motivate others.

Price: only $95 monthly for 12 months – “The Influential Lawyer” Program