How did Nelson Mandela survive, after being arrested in 1962 after being convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to a life in prison? Not only did he survive, but after serving 27 long years unjustly locked away, Nelson Mandela was able to emerge stronger than ever, and moved forward in leading his party in the negotiations that led to the multi-racial democracy in 1994? How did Walt Disney, who struggled to get his first job, create a mega-empire? How did Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspire over 200 000 people to March into Washington and countless others to change their way of thinking?

Every great, and worthwhile and notable deed that has been accomplished throughout history, comes back to the skill of influencing others. Perhaps the most important use of influence, is how we motivate ourselves to move forward in life. Persuading others to take actions that serve to move outcomes forward, is what drives:

  • Our Court Systems
  • Client’s we successfully sell ourselves to, and as a result choose to retain us
  • Business Owners and Managers that ‘headhunt’ us for our skills, and
  • Our ability to ‘Win’, as a result of outstanding negotiation and rapport skills

If you become a persuasive communicator, and create instant rapport with everyone you meet, then it will dramatically improve your interpersonal relationships. This will happen because you will become skilled at decoding and reading your clients, and your professional colleagues, through physiology, tone, eye patterns and language patterns.

Imagine the difference this will make to you personally and professionally, when you can easily and effectively move people subconsciously, to take the action you want them to take. When this happens, it means you will experience more personal power, because you will have learnt the skills to become a more effective communicator, and earn for yourself a reputation for being an outstanding negotiator…. a skill that gains for you an incredible reputation and a high level of referrals, because very few people truly excel in these skills.