Find out what other Lawyers had to say about the incredible difference Training has made to their Firms, and their lives, not only professionally but personally also. 

Below are the testimonials from some of the lawyers who undertook one-on-one Leadership and Business Coaching to assist them in becoming more effective, not only in regards to their interpersonal skills as a lawyer,  but to also become more effective as the Principles of their firms.  Most of these clients were coached via the telephone or Skype as they lived either interstate or overseas, and this has become a very popular method for one-on-one coach training of this nature. I asked each of these Principles, to write a few words about what they would tell you regarding their experiences of learning the strategies, tools and techniques such as those contained in this training program, and the difference it made not only to their Law Firms, but in their own personal lives, and the lives of those in their family. This is what they had to say:


One of the biggest things I’ve learnt, is how to create rapport with my clients, mediators and other professional colleagues in a way I never have before.  Knowing how to create rapport almost instantly, has caused me to have a lot more success when it comes to new clients signing my retainer agreement even in their first appointment.  I’ve also noticed I have been able to create stronger respectful relationships with other professional colleagues, something that has made my work feel less stressful on a day to day basis. The best thing that’s happened since learning so many new strategies and techniques, is how much my billings have increased each month. I have been able to earn more money and give my family things that were not really possible before because I was struggling to pay my overhead and staff wages.  Things have really turned around for me in my business, because I’ve learnt things through my coaching I didn’t know, or had never heard of before.  My wife is delighted also, because I’ve been able to buy her a brand new Mercedes (her dream car) and we have just finished an extension to our home which has really made a difference to my family’s quality of life.  Things are great at home because I’m not stressed like I use to be because now I know how to change my mindset in an instant, and I know how to deal with clients and other professional colleagues, even the difficult ones. If you want more for yourself and your family and value your health and well being, do yourselves a favor because I can honestly say, things have never been better, and I’ve never felt better in myself.

John B. – Sole Practitioner – Queensland

My firm has attracted a lot more clients, because our legal team now knows how to create more client focused relationships since learning and implementing the skills of building deeper rapport.  As a result, our client’s level of trust has increased significantly, and they do not hesitate to sign our retainer agreement before leaving their first appointment.  The flow on effect caused through the firm doing a lot better in regards to my personal life, and that of my family, has been nothing short of amazing. My wife has been so much happier, because I’m happier (that’s what she tells me).  I’ve noticed I am able to communicate with her and our children in a much more positive way.  Because my firm is now billing more every month, it has taken a significant amount of pressure off me financially.

This has been due to the fact that our monthly billings have significantly increased with each of my fee earners, and as a result, staff morale has never been higher.  Implementing this training program, has changed the dynamics of our firm, and really brought us together as a team.  The Monthly Performance meetings Marcelle had us implement, were something we had never done effectively before.  We now look forward to these meetings each month, because we use this time to discuss ways in which we can implement new strategies into the firm, which then become our focus for the entire month.

I highly recommend you take on this training Program, because it’s so easy to implement, if you and your team have a strong desire to attract and retain higher quality clients and increase monthly billings.  ‘You do not know what you don’t know’, and to be completely honest, 95% of what we learnt in this training program, we didn’t know, and because we didn’t know, we were not doing. The ‘knowing’ and particularly the ‘doing’ is what has changed our law firm and taken it to the next level.

J. Miller – Lawyer – California