They say, “All is fair in love and war!”… This is equally true for you and your opponent! In the history of many battles, weapons were specifically chosen, selected and highly valued because the use of these tools meant tipping one’s scales in order to achieve victory. Whilst weapons were chosen and valued to empower and strengthen one side’s opportunity to win, for the other side, it could mean their defeat.

Many battles were fought, where one side clearly held an outstanding advantage over their poorly armed opponents. Victories were gained through the specific application of carefully chosen strategies and tactics. Any knowledgeable and worthy opponent would choose to arm themselves with at the very least, equally competitive tools, but preferably superior tools, strategies and tactics, that would provide them with the ability to fight ‘fire with fire’, and ensure them their best opportunity to win.

It’s important to remember you are retained by your clients because they trust you to get the best possible result for them. If you do that, then you become ‘the expert’ and ‘their trusted adviser’. Learning the skills to become a master communicator and negotiator, will make you highly sought after by clients, which means you will have the ability to become one of the top 20% of fee earners in this profession, simply because you have the strategies, techniques and tools which allow you to stand out above the many.