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Extended DISC® Profiling System is designed to provide you with information about individuals; their behavioural style, strengths, development areas, skills, opinions, perceptions and expectations. Extended DISC tools are based on the internationally recognised four quadrant model of DISC, a modern interpretation of Dr Marston’s behavioural dimensions. Marston’s research uncovered four quadrants of behaviour which help to understand a person’s behavioural preferences. This profiling system will help you understand your behavioural style and how to maximize your potential. The system is independently validated, is available in over 50 languages and used in as many countries by some of the World’s largest and most successful organisations. Extended DISC recognises 160 different behavioural styles and can generate over 228 million different text page reports.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu

Personal Analysis Profile

“Get Your Personal Formula for Success”

Influential lawyer Profile manIf you want to gain leverage in your personal and professional life, then find out what the real holdbacks to your success are, and how to align with your own true personality traits, not only for your personal and professional achievement, but for a life of enhanced quality and fulfilment. Order your Personal Analysis Profile right now, and take this 10 minute online assessment and you will shortly thereafter receive an in depth 20 page Report providing you with a better and clearer understanding of your behavioural styles and personality type, so you can identify and maximize your personal strength. This is excellent for Law Firms that want to best integrate high-performance teams, or will be used to form the basis of a Work Pair Analysis Profile, to assist you to find the most suitable candidate to work alongside you, for example a Lawyer and his/her P.A. or secretary or even when considering a potential Law Partner who will best suit you or your team.

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Personal Analysis Profile + 1 hour Professional Debrief

“Discover What Drives You”!

Influential lawyer Profile manMany people choose the option of having the Profile explained to them in a detailed Professional Debriefing session by a Certified Extended Disc Profiler. It will give you a great deal of clarity about what may be going on for you currently and present the perfect opportunity to gain the most out of this very detailed and extensive report. Research shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self awareness and have the ability to recognise the situations that will make them successful, making it simpler to find ways of achieving outcomes that fit their behavioural style. In this professional debrief, you will also understand your limitations and where they are not effective and this will assist you to have the clarity and knowledge of where not to go or how not to be as well. When you understand your natural behavioural style, you will be more likely to pursue the right opportunities with more focus and direction, in the right way, at the right time, and get the results you desire.

Please Contact us if you are ordering more than one profile for you or your business, so we can assist you more easily in arranging these profiles plus the personal debriefing sessions to your individual staff members or to your HR Department, Practice Manager or Business Owner. A special price can be arranged for several profiles and combined debrief of all Staff Profiles for team management or staff training purposes.

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Personal Analysis Profile

“An independent study conducted on CEOs, by Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon in the US, found that long-term job success depends 75 percent on people skills and only 25 percent on technical knowledge. Another study done by Harvard University had even more startling results – 85 percent of jobs and promotions happened because of the candidate’s attitude and only 15 percent due to the facts and figures he packed under his belt.”

What is Extended DISC® Personal Analysis?

The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is a self-assessment that identifies the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes it different from other assessments is that it is able to measure at a deeper unconscious level to exclude the impact of the environment.

In practice this means that the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment. As a result, the report identifies the true strengths and development areas to allow performance improvement.

How does the process work?

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is very easy to use. The questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete. It is available online in over 50 languages to meet the needs of today’s diverse workforce.

The Personal Analysis is excellent for recruitment, career progression and personal individual development. It provides the option to focus in greater detail on a person’s natural behavioural characteristics in management, leadership roles, dealing with clients, working style and provides clarity to an individual about their own areas of behaviour that are natural strengths and the areas that are not. This clarity gives you as an individual the information you need to know about yourself that leads you ultimately to understanding your behavioural styles, motivation toward or away from behaviour and why. This understanding assists you to recognise the areas that are not “natural strengths” and knowing this makes it easier to recognise the patterns of behaviour that may be standing in your way and what you can do to make a positive difference to your outcomes so you can create a winning strategy for your success. It is a very helpful tool to see where you really are currently and how you come across to others also.

Each analysis provides you with:

  • A description of the person as they might be seen by others including their key attributes, motivators, ideal manager, communication and decision making style
  • A summary of their motivators, strengths, development areas and areas they would prefer to avoid or delay
  • A graphical description of the person’s natural behavioural characteristics
  • The “behaviour map” (Extended DISC Diamond) of the person’s natural behavioural style and their flexibility zones to illustrate where the candidate can make the most gains in the shortest period of time
  • A diagram of the person’s natural behavioural style alongside a diagram of how they perceive they need to adjust their natural behavioural style in adapting to their current environment. Understanding the movement in the two profiles enables consultants to measure emotions and provides other vital information on the candidate.
  • A “Present Situation” report on the “influence of the current environment on the person’s motivation” as far as his/her needs are concerned and comments on the communication of certain vital emotions
  • Compare to Job report matching the person’s natural inclination with the specific job requirements

Benefits of Extended DISC®

  • Enhance your awareness of your own behavioural style
  • Explore what changes you can most easily make and project the outcomes of those changes
  • Understand the natural behavioural style for use as a foundation stone for future objectives and strategies to achieve them
  • Explore how well aligned your natural behaviour is to the expectations of your role, team, peers or the organisation
  • Clearly discuss your behaviour in the work environment and establish how the behaviour fits with the team, colleague, manager and job position
  • Clearly view yourself and organisation “fit” and reveal how you may change behavioural traits in order to achieve their objectives
  • You will gain an understanding of how your behaviour impacts those around you to begin to consider areas that may be appropriate for you to develop
  • Gain an understanding of how your behaviour impacts your environment, colleagues and job performance
  • You can reflect on progress from time to time by returning to the Extended DISC reports

Additional Types of Extended DISC® Analysis Available to Your Firm

  • Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis helps you clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of the working style of two individuals. (see below for more information)
  • Extended DISC® Team Analysis combines the results of the Personal Analysis results of your team into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing work environment. (see below for more information)
  • Extended DISC® Job Analysis. Designed for identifying the different perceptions and expectations people have regarding a certain job. The goal is to be able to define a job and help identify those people who have their natural tendencies closest to the requirements of the job. It identifies the most important components of the job and provides a job description, compares the results to Personal Analysis results and defines the ideal person for the job. An ideal tool to define your position and therefore attract and choose the best person to fit your practice. (See below for more information)

Work Pair Analysis

The Work Pair Analysis helps define in easy to read graphical format the strengths and weaknesses of the working style of two individuals. It’s designed to help two people take action that will have a positive and informed impact on their performance.

The Work Pair Analysis provides information in a visual, accessible and easy to understand format.

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The Work Pair Analysis combines the personal analysis results of two people into one user friendly report. It identifies the styles of individuals, how the styles complement each other and where the behaviour gaps exist. Conflict resolution is also a very popular application, because the Work Pair Analysis provides information in a very neutral and non-threatening format. As a result, issues can be discussed and resolved.

The Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is a tool that combines the results of two individuals in one easy user friendly report. It identifies the styles of individuals, how the styles complement one another, and where the behaviour gaps exist. It also provides information regarding what the individuals should remember, accept and practice when working together.

The Work Pair Analysis provides the information in a visual, accessible and easy to understand format. One of the enlightening features of the Work Pair Analysis is that it clearly demonstrates that while two similar styles often get along well, they not only amplify the strengths, but also their weaknesses. As a result, their performance is not optimal. Typically the participants are not aware of this fact.

Here are some of the ways clients have used the work pair analysis:

  • A Director/Partner and PA
  • Incoming Director/Partner to existing Director/Partner
  • Peer to peer
  • Mentor to protégé
  • Potential employee and manager
  • Conflict situations between two team members

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Team Analysis

Team Analysis Profiling provides an easy to use framework to understand complex issues quickly, solve problems and improve performance. It helps management align their business or team strategy with the behavioural characteristics of the team members.

The Team Analysis combines the results of the Personal Analysis results of each team member into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing work environment.

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Some popular applications of this tool include team development, strategic decision making, leadership development, organisational development, turnover reduction, conflict resolution and session planning.

Behavioural assessments are a cost effective way to quickly obtain a wealth of objective information about individuals, teams and organisations.

The achievement of success of your Law Practice will be dependent on you working with other people, whether this is with a work col¬league, as a pair, with your opposition on a matter, or with a team.

In these situations understanding the be¬havioural dynamics of other individuals or team members is important. Extended DISC will enable you to understand how your behavioural style impacts and is seen by others and highlight areas where changes will be easiest to implement whilst having maximum benefit.

“You may like to consider the benefits of a personal or business coaching session to assist you understand this more fully by way of phone consultation, or in face to face. Just contact us on the About Us Page, and leave us a message in the “contact us” section, and I will get back to you with a few suggestions that will work for you time wise and also financially. It does not have to cost a fortune to get some assistance with your practice by getting your team in order, perhaps you may like to consider some staff training, so you get the most out of the people you have working for you. Most importantly, you will also get clarity on how you can create different more empowering strategies that will work for you personally and professionally to get the most out of yourself, reducing the impacts of stress and negativity.”

By using Extended DISC®, you and your team can:

  • Improve productivity
  • Minimise conflict within the workplace
  • Minimise employee turnover

This can be achieved by:

  • Employing the right person for the position. This includes choosing someone with the most suitable behavioural styles for the job. It can also include the most suitable person to work alongside a particular person.
  • Better understanding your employee’s strengths, motivators, development areas and the management style they respond to best.
  • Looking at the behavioural style of a team as a whole. Understanding where gaps exist and where the key strengths lie.
  • Understanding what motivates each employee, issues that reduce motivation, an employee’s strengths and development areas.
  • Understanding the influence of the present environment on the individual’s motivation.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric once told a reporter that he spends 50% of his time on people issues.

Extended DISC® is a series of assessment tools to help with that 50%. It’s a roadmap of the behavioural characteristics that impact on our work, our judgements and our interaction with other people.

This type of methodology demonstrates the importance of understanding and recognising that we are all different. Extended DISC goes way beyond other assessment systems by recognising and reporting on 160 different behavioural styles and once the managing director had access to the reports of his team, he understood the importance of adjusting his communication style when working with those members with a different behavioural style.

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime” – Baby Ruth

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Job Analysis

Extended DISC® Job Analysis answers a very difficult question that most organisations struggle with: “What are the specific behavioural requirements for this job that will produce the desired results?”

What is Extended DISC® Job Analysis?

  • Typically our clients know what skills and competencies are needed from employees to achieve success. However, when it comes to the behaviours, the issues become unclear and challenging.
  • The Extended DISC® Job Analysis is designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, improves the performance of a Practice.
  • Job Analysis allows the users to identify and to prioritise the behaviours for specific jobs that will produce the best results. The results are specific to their Practice.
  • Job Analysis is designed to ensure that reasonable and realistic expectations are created, and that the different viewpoints of the employer or assessor are clearly defined.
  • Finally, and what many of our clients think is the most valuable aspect of Job Analysis, once the job requirements are shaped, the results of individuals’ Extended DISC® Personal Analysis can be compared to the Job Analysis results to identify development needs and a behavioural job fit.

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How to Use Extended DISC to Benefit Your Legal Practice

The success of any professional law firm is largely dependent on two main resources………

People and Technology. Law Firms provide services and expertise delivered by people, therefore all successful professional firms place a heavy emphasis on the quality of the people they employ.

Their fees are usually time based and quite often they have to quote or estimate the time involved on a job. Therefore it is important that the time charged to a job is recovered in full in the fee.

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Within the organisational structure of a successful law firm there will be the following types of people

Gatherers: people who can bring new clients into the firm

Minders: people who are great at looking after existing clients and can increase the fee earned per client

Specialists: people who have specialist knowledge expertise

Managers: people who manage the workflow and team of workers

Doers: people who actually do the work

Support: reception, admin, IT, etc.

Different combinations of natural behavioural styles are required for each of these roles and Extended DISC can determine a person’s natural behavioural style.

The key challenges for the principals of professions are:

  • The selection of the right person for the job
  • The retention of key personnel.
  • Motivation of these people.

To address these requirements:

1. Selection of staff: the use of the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report will ensure that the
Behavioural style of the candidate meets the job requirement. It does not measure professional ability but it will identify the applicant’s natural unconscious behavioural style. There is also the Job Analysis Report which correctly identifies the job requirements enabling the measurement of the applicant’s natural inclination against the job requirement.

2. Retention of staff: the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report provides an insight into the
emotions – it identifies stress, insecurity, uncertainty and other issues enabling the employer to ensure they maintain the best communication possible with their team. Other Extended DISC tools such as the Work Pair Analysis, the Team Analysis also contributes to assisting with retention.

3. Motivation of staff: the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report contains a special section that
identifies when a team member is not motivated. This section, the Present Situation page, focuses especially on the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned. If these needs are addressed, the person becomes motivated once again.

By using Extended DISC Personal Analysis Reports when hiring staff, employers can determine:

  • Whether the behavioural style is suitable for the position advertised
  • How best to communicate with the applicant in the future
  • Whether the person currently has any emotional problems (maybe caused through their work role)
  • How the applicant’s specific style will fit with the style of others he/she needs to work alongside
  • Amongst other things, what motivates the applicant thereby enabling the employer to know immediately, and how to ensure the applicant is productive from the start

For retention:

  • Choosing the most suitable applicant helps!
  • Focusing on the Present Situation page and specifically the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned is vital information for any employer

For motivation:

  • The report specifies precisely what motivates the person, what his/her fears are, what he/she try to
    avoid and what their “development areas” are.
  • It also shows their comfort zones, the area in which they can operate with least energy
  • It compares their conscious behavioural style with their unconscious style enabling the measurement of emotions.

Extended DISC®is a registered Trade Mark of Extended DISC® International 4

How can Extended DISC be used to assist clients who are having human resource issues?

  • The Personal Analysis Report provides the same information for clients as it does for the firm, and is
    therefore a valuable human resources tool.
  • Some professionals are using the Personal Analysis Report to better understand their clients. The
    report provides immediate knowledge of their present situation and enables the professional to better
    communicate with them.
  • The use of the Work Pair Analysis where two clients are forming a partnership, becoming co-directors, or for a Lawyer and his P.A., or where two people in any organisation are to work together, enables them to better understand each other and provides a more efficient sharing of responsibilities.
  • The use of the Team Analysis Report in situations where a team may be dysfunctional or where there are some organisational problems has proved to be a most effective tool.

The Difference between “Extended DISC” and “DISC”

Traditional DISC and Extended DISC are two completely different products, the only similarity is the basic behavioural theory, which dates back to the 1920s. But that is where the similarities end. Extended DISC recognises combinations of various percentages of the four basic traits in generating the Personal Analysis Report and it has a number of other practical and powerful reports available in the system.

Most DISC programs talk about four, maybe up to sixteen different behavioural styles at most.

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Extended DISC measures the unconscious behaviour and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style, allowing the measurement of emotions. It goes way beyond regular DISC in this regard. We can then look at the emotions being communicated by the respondent at the time of completion of the questionnaire, their stress levels, uncertainty of their role, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change etc. It also enables the report to define the influence of the present environment on the respondent’s motivation as far as certain needs are concerned. This is vital information for the person as well as the organisation.

In addition, Extended DISC reports are far more comprehensive than traditional DISC reports. Our text bank enables 228,383,696 totally different text pages to be generated. Our competition, at best, is able to create around 200 different texts.

Furthermore, Extended DISC is extremely difficult to cheat. Regular DISC programs can (and often are) answered by the respondent in the way they believe the potential employer would like them to answer. This is because the emphasis is on the conscious adjusted behavioural style. We, on the other hand know when someone has tried to beat the system. The report will likely be invalid showing mirror profiles, or a tight Profile II or an over-shift in Profile II. There is no way of knowing when a simple DISC report is inaccurate