‘The Influential Lawyer’ is a twelve month training program written and developed specifically for Lawyers and Legal Firms. This training is targeted entirely on building and improving the communication skills of lawyers. We specialise in training lawyers and legal practices to – Identify the optimum client mix, Develop and hone communication strategies that build client rapport and trust, Build client relationships that grow business through referrals.

About the Program Author & Developer of ‘The Influential Lawyer’ Training

imageThis training program was specifically written and developed for the Legal Profession by Marcelle Burrows HH.Dip (P.H) who is an ICF Certified ‘Business and Life Coach’ (International Coaching Federation). She is also an accredited Profiler and ‘Human Behavioural Specialist’, who before gaining her coaching certifications, was an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Being married to a now very successful Lawyer, who has been the Principal of his own firm for more than 25 years, has gained her the most candid of insights into this rather unique, specialised, and often challenging profession…the Legal Profession. It was because of this, and recognising the gap that exists in almost every Lawyers education, she decided to dedicate more than two years to writing and developing this specialised training.

This training program was designed and developed specifically so all Law Firms can have access to this incredible training in the most affordable, and easiest possible way, a way in which no extra time (N.E.T.) would need to be taken out of their very busy working days, where time most certainly equals money.